History of Genetically Modified Corn

The map above demonstrates the amount of GM crops grown world wide. (8)

Competition for the best crop has been a goal for farmers for many years. Farmers strive for ways to grow more crops in order to earn more money. "People have always strived to grow better, more plentiful foods. As early as 5000 BC, farmers began saving their best and sweetest corn to use as seed the next year. But it wasn’t until 1865 that Mendel concluded “unseen particles” pass these traits from generation to generation" (7).

Finally, after hard work and determination, "in 1982, researchers genetically modified a plant cell for the first time making precise, controlled improvements in plant breeding possible. Farmers planted the first large-scale commercial biotech crop in the United States in 1996. Today, after a decade of use on more than 1 billion acres worldwide, crops developed through biotechnology have delivered significant benefits and a proven record of safe use. The next decade with plant biotechnology holds even more promise" (7).