Impact of Genetically Modified Corn

What is Gm corn doing for society?

Gm corn increases the amount of corn produced in addition to decreasing the amount of effort exerted and energy used. With this technology, our society can feed themselves by consuming more nutritious foods. Also farmers are able to accomplish more with the help of Gm corn because spraying their crops with pesticides is no longer necessary with the gene already implanted into the crop. The consumers also possess benefits because they are not at risk for consuming pesticides.

Effect on Economy

Genetically modified corn has also impacted our economy. It has made corn less expensive to make, therefore less expensive to buy, resulting in an increase in corn consumption. And with all the possible nutritious value inserted into the corn, the consumers get the best of their money's worth.

Issues Concerning Gm corn

Many people believe it is unethical to interfere with nature. Human Genome Project Information has listed ethical issues

  • Violation of natural organisms' intrinsic values
  • Tampering with nature by mixing genes among species
  • Objections to consuming animal genes in plants and vice versa (5)