Pros and Cons of Genetically Modified Corn


Pros of Genetically Modified Corn- There are many different views on genetically modified foods. The video below explains the benefits that farmers receive from genetically modified corn. It saves time and energy that was originally used for spraying the plants so insects wouldn't get into the plant. In addition, nutrients can be added to the corn to give those who suffer from mal nutrition extra nutrition in their diets.

Human Genome Project Information has listed the following benefits of genetically modified foods.

  • Enhanced taste and quality
  • Reduced maturation time
  • Increased nutrients, yields, and stress tolerance
  • Improved resistance to disease, pests, and herbicides

     ·  New products and growing technologies       (5)



Cons of Genetically Modified Corn- Not all people see the benefits of genetically modified foods; they see it as a threat to our society. Those who oppose genetically modified foods claim that these foods cause disease and also cause an incline in allergies. In addition, small farm owners who don’t grow GM corn are going out of business due to the increase of people buying GM crops. However, what people don’t realize is that genetically modified foods are advancing our society in that people can more easily get access to more nutritious foods with out completely changing their diets. Also, farmers can spend less time and effort on using pesticides. Those who shut out genetically modified foods are blind to these benefits.